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Research & Development 
MEDUSA puts about 8% of sales revenue into the research and development per year, has established a global technology, talent, experience and quality management’s R&D platform, has a high-quality R&D team with more than 80 people, set up R&D institutions in Shenzhen, China. Products, technology research and development covering the full range of color cameras, network digital video cameras, high-speed Dome Camera, embedded video recorder products.
MEDUSA sticks to a developmental and innovative idea which is oriented by customer demand, takes the international standard of product’s quality as the goal, provides high-quality, cost-effective products and services to the global clients.
R & D Management

Based on the tradition and practice, MEDUSA has established the R&D system leading with the international advanced integrated product development process (IPD), and ongoing process change and management. Benefiting from this system’s support and guarantee, MEDUSA could create products of market-testing and higher value for clients.
Product Testing

MEDUSA has invested heavily to establish a product testing center, cooperating with the world's leading research institutions and equipment manufacturers, and using a full range of users’ environment to test rigorously for pre-release R&D products, which means to provide customers more secure and reliable products.     
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