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Traffic Monitoring
The very latest information at your hands
The demand for real-time traffic and infrastructure information is  rapidly increasing. With a network video solution from MEDUSA, it is easy  to share high-quality live video from highways, intersections, tunnels,  bridges and main commuter routes with multiple target groups, thus  bringing a wide range of benefits:
  • Traffic management centers can quickly redirect traffic to minimize congestions
  • First responders can quickly determine the best route and see what to expect upon arrival
  • News stations can provide detailed traffic information to their viewers and listeners
  • Commuters can access live video over the internet and make travelling decisions based on the current situation
  • Maintenance crews get a great help in prioritizing their work orders.
Network video also allows for automatic incident detection which  immediately alerts operators of situations that deviate from the normal,  e.g. congestions, accidents and slow vehicles.
Benefit from well-proven solutions
Several cities and departments of transportation have chosen MEDUSA  network video solutions to ensure that they always have the latest  information from their critical infrastructure networks. They benefit  from a flexible and future-proof traffic monitoring solution that  delivers high-quality video of incidents and conditions. In many cases,  existing analog CCTV cameras have been included in the upgraded IP-based  system by the use of video encoders. This enables  cost-efficient  migration to network video technology.
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