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Research Trends.

MEDUSA's intelligent digital video surveillance system for large-scaled, or commercial securities. Other than conventional DVR functions, 
MEDUSA DVR offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analysis.
Intelligent Video Analytics

Video Stabilization* analyzes and stabilizes surveillance video when the camera installed outdoors is shaking.

Smoke Detection* detects smokes in surveillance video and further marks the position according to the color of smokes and dynamic characteristic.

Flow Counting calculates the amount of objects and people passing a predefined line or area.

Missing Object Detection sends notifications if an existing object, like paintings in the gallery,is missing from the camera view for a period of time.

People Counter* calculates people passing a predefined line or area as well as among crowded groups more accurately. Further supporting remote query of counting records and SDK to export counting data for analytic applications.

Car Plate Detection* can detect car plate and log them in the surveillance video. This detecting function is becoming more important for parking lot and the entrance of areas, and it is easily set up with simple procedures as other detections.

Face Detection* can detect human faces and log them in the surveillance video. Security personnel will be able to find out who entered/left the entrance of restricted areas and what time. The system will also alarm if a human face is detected in the forbidden area.

Flame Detection* / Flame Detection Pro** sends notifications when flames are detected in the pre-defined area.

Virtual Fence Detection perceives intrusions when suspicious objects/people pass a predefined line or proceed the wrong way in single direction entrance.

Left Object Detection sends warnings if unattended objects, like bombs or unattended luggage, are left on the scene for a period of time

Scene Change Detection will trigger alarms when the camera lens are covered, sprayed, defocused, or the camera is repositioned.

Gender Detection** detects human faces and log them in the surveillance video.

Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in one or more predefined forbidden zones.
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